Tories Hold ‘Secret Talks’ With Labour To Secure A Soft Brexit Deal

By NewsRoom24 on June 13th, 2017 / Views
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Senior members of the Theresa May’s newly-confirmed cabinet are secretly plotting with Labour MPs to ensure a soft Brexit, it has been claimed.

The prime minister is said to be aware of the plot as she prepares to meet with DUP leader Arlene Foster to hammer out a deal that would give the Tories enough votes to pass key issues in parliament.

According to the Telegraph, MPs from both parties have been using the talks to discuss how to force the prime minister to soften the approach to immigration, the single market and customs union.

But the talks are also being used to get the Tories to end the public sector pay freeze in the Queen’s Speech, which was reported to be delayed yesterday.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has already urged the prime minister to ‘reach out; to other parties as she works on a Brexit deal.

It comes as the Sun reported yesterday that more MPs in the Parliament favour a soft Brexit over a hard Brexit, which would see a complete severing of ties with the European Union.

Although the Tories are yet to negotiate a deal for a working majority with the DUP, Brexit secretary David Davis told the BBC yesterday that Brexit talks will begin on June 19 as planned.

Davis is said to have encouraged May to call the snap election and defended the prime minister yesterday despite the disastrous result that saw the party lose seats.

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