Lonely Planet Rates Cornwall One Of The Top 10 ‘Value For Money’ Holiday Destinations In The World

By NewsRoom24 on November 1st, 2017 / Views
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Cornwall has always been recognised as a fantastic holiday destination thanks to its picturesque scenery and stunning beaches so it comes as no surprise that Lonely Planet has put the county as one of the top 10 value for money destinations in the world.

The entry for the UK reads: “While the UK government busies itself with Brexit, travellers can reap the rewards. The immediate result of 2016’s referendum on EU membership was the pound weakening against pretty much all currencies: good news for those of us planning a trip to London, not traditionally a paradise for frugal adventurers. Make the exchange rate work even harder by aiming for Devon, Cornwall and big-ticket cities such as Bath, York and Edinburgh (they’re cheaper outside school holidays like Easter, July and August). Keep an eye on currency fluctuations, but the most likely scenario is that the UK stays affordable to international visitors – at least until a true picture of the post-Brexit landscape emerges.”

BBC Cornwall spoke to Lonely Planets James Smart who told them:

“It’s partly because the pound isn’t particularly strong at the moment and that makes the UK a great deal for visitors coming from other countries to here.

“There has been some increase already this year in the number of visitors coming here.

“But it also focuses people’s minds in the UK on travelling within the UK and it helps of course that there is an array of experiences to have here in the UK and in Cornwall in particular.

“Your money goes further which both makes your holiday more affordable and also of course means you can consider the ways in which you travel.

“It’s all about how you travel and one thing we would always recommend, particularly in a destination like Cornwall is travelling in the shoulder season can get you the best deals or even travelling in the off season can get you the best deals.

“It’s about how you travel. It’s about setting up with your laptop and your guide book and thinking about how you’re going to approach what you want to do and what your budget is.

“You can spend a lot of money and still get good value for money and I think that’s really important to note.

“This list isn’t about places that are cheap, it’s about places that are good value for money, where you can get great experiences.”

Mr Smart also added that St Michael’s Mount was one of his most favourite places in Cornwall to visit, saying:

“I didn’t really know what to expect, you know you see the pictures but actually walking across at low tide – it was a lovely sunny day and you can just explore all the canons and the museum and so on, that was just a really great experience.”

Other counties listed as good for value include Jacksonville, Baja California, Poland and Morocco.

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